The Gatehouse is of brick construction and comprises of a main hall and a kitchen. It has hot water via a free immersion heater and heating is by gas central heating.

The kitchen has a 6 burner cooker, fridge, and freezer . Cooking and catering equipment is provided free of charge (replacements will be invoiced after Warden inspection before leaving site). Tables and chairs for up to 40 are provided.

*Please note the upstairs of the Gatehouse is not available for hire.

To book, please contact our booking secretary.

The Gatehouse
Gatehouse Kitchen
Gatehouse Hall

Catering Equipment list

Knife40  Colander1
Fork40  Chopping BoardSet of 6
Spoon40  Spatula4
T-Spoon20  Serving Spoon4
Plate40  Ladle2
Bowl40  Masher1
T-Plate40  Whisk2
Mug40  Tongs2
Plastic Cups40  Mixing Spoon2
Sharp Knife2 Sets   Large Can Opener2
Frying Pan4  Bottle Opener1
Saucepan3  Grater1
Stock Pot5  Trays2
Oven Trays L4  Toaster1
Oven Trays S2  Kettle1
Jugs4  Tea Pot1
Mixing Bowl L2  Scissors1
Mixing Bowl S2  Washing Up Bowl2