Defribulator code is c4570x

Willesley water is spring fed.
Water supply owner is Robert Radford of 2 Woodside Cottages. 07973 508016. Rob must be consulted before any changes are made to the system.
The Spring is at the bottom of the campfire circle, in a small brick building. Water flows down pipes through the lake to Ram pumps in a pit near the Fishing hut, then pumped up the hill to the water tank next to the Statue of Diana on the 2nd Fairway of the golf course. The outfeed pipes come straight down the hill to the front of the camper toilet block, then T-off into the toilet block for treatment, and to the courtyard toilet block. See file at the bottom of the page for diagram.
If the water draw from the site empties the golf course tank, the electric pump mounted in the spring house can be switched on from the timer switch in the cabin electrical cabinet.

Plan showing estimated route of pipe from Golf Course tank (bottom right), C = Spring, B = ? A = Ram Pumps

Feed comes up the drive, into the transformer just inside the gate on the left, into the ‘switch room’ build on the North end of the gatehouse, then distributed out to the buildings – there are around 10 distribution boards – diagram to be worked on.

The site is not connected to mains sewerage, so all waste water is tanked and pumped out. There are two separate systems, main building group drains to the tanks under the ground near the bike container. The Camper toilet block drains to the tanks under the bottom of the main field. The set nearest the forest have a level alarm mounted on a post behind the warden’s caravan. When this goes off, Serious Waste need to be notified on 01283 562382.
Link to technical details on tanks

Gas levels are checked each Monday. Tank is located near garage. If the gas supply stops to the cabin, go to the regulator on the outside of the kitchen wall. Check the two yellow valves are inline with the pipe. On the left of the regulator is a clear plastic cover, unscrew it, pull the green plastic to vent the pressure. The regulator may then open. If not, unscrew the cover on the right hand side and push the vent button.

Tree Preservation order (TPO) information
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