How is Willesley Managed?

Responsible to The District Exec.

Willesley Management committee is a sub committee of the District Exec.

DC has overall responsibility.

Willesley management committee: Chair; Richard Moore

Activities: Peter Bailey

Link to the last Werden’s handbook:-Warden Handbook 1.0.pdf

Insurance Policy Document Dec 2017

From what I’ve read members of the public may use climbing or abseiling equipment if additional Campsite Liability insurance cover is purchased from Unity.  This has been done so and the policy documents are attached for everybody’s reference. Details of the Campsite Liability Insurance can be found at 

In particular:  

‘This insurance is available to those Scout campsites and activity centres, County and District who wish to permit non-Scouts and Guides to use their climbing and abseiling facilities and partake in climbing and abseiling activities they are running.

The policy will indemnify the operating Scout authority, its members, servants or agents for all sums which it/they become legally liable to pay for compensation and claimant costs and expenses in respect of and arising out of bodily injury to any non Scout participating in climbing or abseiling activities using Scout owned/operated facilities, equipment, and/or instructors.’

As a sub-committee we should all be aware of this policy.  A copy should be included in the Warden’s Info Pack as well as displayed on the site. Currently the service door in the Camper Toilet Block acts as a noticeboard.

Richard – please can you display here although think we also need a another ‘information board’ located at the site.  Also it would be prudent to send to those making bookings on any confirmation correspondence back to them.

Unity Insurance can be contacted on 0345 070 7703 if any of you have any specific queries.  All that I ask is that you share any information across the committee please as that would also help to increase our knowledge base!



District Commissioner

Ashby & Coalville

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