The cabin is of brick construction and comprises of a main hall, kitchen and bunked accommodation that sleeps 40.

There are 4 rooms sleeping 8, 1 room sleeping 4 and 2 rooms sleeping 2. There are limited electric points in the smaller rooms. There are also 2 toilets and a disabled toilet in the accommodation area of the building.

It has hot/cold running water and the building is heated by gas central heating (separately controlled main hall/accommodation zones).

The kitchen has one commercial cooker, fridge, freezer, sink and work surfaces. Cooking and catering equipment listed below is available (replacements will be invoiced after Warden inspection before leaving site). The main hall is approx. 7 metres by 11 metres. Tables and chairs are provided.

To book, please contact our booking secretary.

The Cabin Hall
The Cabin Kitchen
One of the 4 bed dorms

Catering Equipment list

Knife40  Colander1
Fork40  Chopping BoardSet of 6
Spoon40  Spatula4
T-Spoon20  Serving Spoon4
Plate40  Ladle2
Bowl40  Masher1
T-Plate40  Whisk2
Mug40  Tongs2
Plastic Cups40  Mixing Spoon2
Sharp Knife2 Sets   Large Can Opener2
Frying Pan4  Bottle Opener1
Saucepan3  Grater1
Stock Pot5  Trays2
Oven Trays L4  Toaster1
Oven Trays S2  Kettle1
Jugs4  T-Pot1
Mixing Bowl L2  Scissors1
Mixing Bowl S2  Washing Up Bowl2

Opening Up Checklist

  • Unlock door, check general state of building, check fire exits clear, extinguishers in place
  • If kitchen to be used, switch on hot water heater, switch fridge and freezer on (if required),  check operation of extract fan and gas valve reset
  • If central heating required, read gas meter, check boiler water pressure, switch on and check operation.
  • If dormitory to be used, check general state on handover, smoke alarms working, lights working and toilets operational, sufficient toilet paper and doors lock.


2 sets kept in the church. Wardens set comprising door key, electrical cabinet key and some others. The loan key set comprises of the key for the kitchen door only.

Hot Water

Tank in the loft heated by an immersion heater. Switch is on the right-hand wall of the kitchen with a timer. There is a red light on the timer illuminated when the heater is on.

Central Heating

Gas Boiler and controls are in the boiler room. Isolator must be on. Two switches control hot water feed to Cabin radiators and Dormitory. There are two room thermostats, one outside the boiler room for the cabin main hall, and one adjacent the disabled loo door at high level in the dorm. The thermostat of either circuit must be switched on for the boiler to run.

Water pressure: The pressure should be in the green. can be topped up by attaching the top-up pipe and opening the valve.

Electrical Distribution

Electricity is supplied to the cabin from a circuit breaker in the cabinet on the workshop end of the gatehouse. The key is in the gen shed, accessible only by wardens. The cable comes up in the cupboard by the fire exit.


Fire Exits

Fire Exits should be unimpeded at all times when occupied.
Dormitory fire exit has an alarm on it which silences when shut.

Fire Extinguishers

There should be one by the kitchen door, one by the boiler room door and one by the electrical cabinet. These should not be moved unless safe to attempt extinguishing a fire.

Smoke Alarms

Every room has a smoke alarm.


Gas is supplied to the building from the tank by the garage. Gas isolator is outside the kitchen window. The cooker gas valve does not open unless the extract fan is generating a vacuum.

Emergency Lighting

In the event of a power failure, emergency lights above the fire exits should come on and stay on for ?? time. They can be tested by switching off the circuit breaker marked “lights” in the electrical cabinet.

Cooker Operation

Extract fan must be running and sufficient pressure difference be generated for a sensor to allow the gas valve to open when “reset” pressed.
Cooker burners must be lit with a match or lighter.
Oven has a piezo sparker button. The gas control knob must be held in while lighting until the flame failure has warmed up.

Boiler room 

The boiler room contains The Endurance Explorer Unit cupboard ‘Jeremy Jazz Hands’. The Unit Leader and the Unit Quartermaster for the year have keys. There should also be lots of chairs and tables.